Struck by a Drunk Driver

Our client was driving down Highway 17A in Colleton County at night when he was struck by a drunk driver. Our client sustained serious bodily injuries. Despite limited insurance coverage, McLeod Fraser & Cone was able to get our client $75,000.00 prior to filing a lawsuit.

Collision of an Automobile with a Stopping Car

Deceased was a passenger in an automobile traveling on Highway 15 in Walterboro. The driver of the car in which Deceased was a passenger, collided into the rear of a stopping car. The resulting accident caused serious injuries to Deceased that ultimately resulted in her death. Deceased’s children came to McLeod Fraser & Cone for help in this tragic accident. After much fact finding, McLeod Fraser & Cone obtained a settlement for $400,000.00 prior to filing a lawsuit. In addition to the settlement, McLeod Fraser & Cone helped the Deceased’s family probate the estate.

DUI Charge

Client was charged with Driving Under the Influence. Client came to McLeod Fraser & Cone for help. After much discovery into the actual facts of the case, McLeod Fraser & Cone was able to get the DUI charge dismissed.

Accident at a Railroad

A claim against a Client of McLeod Fraser & Cone’s was brought in a very unfriendly venue. This involved an accident at a railroad crossing with the driver and the passenger sustaining injuries. In defending the Client during a 3 week-long trial, McLeod Fraser & Cone was able to get a verdict in favor of the Client.

Results not typical, and will vary based on case details.