A potential client recently asked two questions arising out of a dispute:

“Why is it that we can’t just sit down and talk until we agree?”

“Why don’t we just jump in and take them to court?”

At McLeod Fraser & Cone, we have found through our many cases and years of experience that proper use of all the processes in the legal ladder bear consideration and use as their respective benefits develop. In a mediation environment, the two sides of representative counsel keep clients focused on the goal of working out a settlement, often preventing personal agenda to cloud or slow the process. When mediation does bring about a settlement, the time, stress and expense of litigating in court has been avoided.

By having counsel leading a mediation process, both sides immediately achieve a level playing field. At McLeod Fraser & Cone, we are proud of our commitment of focusing on you, the client and your needs.

If mediation works for you, it certainly works for us. Then we don’t have to worry about the gavel.