Real Estate

With real estate transactions, experience, knowledge and organization are key elements.

We’ve heard many a story how first time home buyers and self-builders are offered free legal support for their sale and or construction agreement. With all the expenses of their new investment, many are delighted to save $300 or more.

What they don’t know, is what they don’t know.

What they should know is that the construction firm and sales agents are offering the service for a reason. It’s not just because they are nice and want to offer more than a competitor. The most important aspect of this free legal help is that you, the buyer, won’t be asking questions that they don’t want to answer. This is not cynical. This is not bad-mouthing the industry. It is a frequent business practice. And the home buyer exchanges that gift for fine print that limits their questioning and control. A good real estate attorney can prevent this.

Choose an attorney who will handle your closings from start to finish, from i’s dotted and t’s crossed to protect your interests before funds are exchanged. McLeod Fraser & Cone brings that experience to bear for both our corporate and our individual real estate clients.

Don’t trust someone else’s free legal help with your affairs.

Remember you’re not supposed to hear a gavel in your real estate matters