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An Inviolable Trust

When you’re in need of legal help or counsel, you’re looking for a lawyer you can trust, a law firm with the experience to protect and defend you, and an experience that gives you peace of mind. We understand that. We understand the pressures you’re under in your day to day life, and that a legal question or legal problem can be enormously stressful.

We Clarify Your Legal Position and Choices

At McLeod Fraser & Cone you will find a team of lawyers of unquestionable integrity and professionalism, with a breadth and depth of experience that can clarify your options, recommend a course of action, and protect and defend you if it comes to that.

With a Professionalism Worthy of the US Supreme Court

You will not be pressured into services you do not need. We are a professional law firm, committed to our community with deep roots and a history almost a century long. Some of our attorneys have been accepted to present a case to the highest court in the America, the US Supreme Court. We have a magistrate on our team; a former South Carolina representative and senator. Two of our attorneys have been or are currently city prosecutors.

We Succeed when Your Rights are Protected

Our success is based on succeeding in protecting your legal rights and resolving your legal problems and concerns. This is possible not only because of our strong team of attorneys, but also because of the sacred trust that we honor with our clients.


The worst thing you can do is to face a real legal issue alone.

You may ask a friend or loved one for advice but in the end, unless they practice law, it is actually like asking your favorite restaurateur whether or not you should have surgery.

Do I need an attorney?

Asking that question is the biggest clue that you do in fact need to call a lawyer. Sometimes a simple consultation can keep you from having fears and doubts that can complicate the process. At McLeod Fraser & Cone our initial consultation is free.*

The Process?

Discussion, Consultation, Assessment, Mediation and Litigation.
Having a firm like McLeod Fraser & Cone representing you makes facing a legal issue “manageable” and “doable” and the situation becomes a reality with which you can deal.

*Our free initial consultations apply to every legal area except domestic/family law and criminal defense matters.


If you are even contemplating the need for an attorney, that’s your signal to call for a free consultation.*

A Relationship of Trust

At McLeod Fraser & Cone, we will go to extraordinary lengths to answer your questions and to meet your legal needs. We are keenly aware that we also need to ensure that you are matched with an attorney with whom you are comfortable and a mutual trust can be established. That is a hallmark of McLeod Fraser & Cone.

Legal Solutions

Our firm is dedicated to providing legal solutions. If your free consultation results in a solution for you, we have done well by you as a client. As you can see by our credentials though, we are exceptionally versed and successful as litigators and are prepared to take your court case to the levels it may require, up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Respect for our Clients

Here in South Carolina’s low country we have a reputation for being keenly engaged in our clients and their legal concerns, a reputation of character, of style and of grace, a reputation of listening when quiet is required and of being aggressive when need be.

Respected by Corporations

Around the region and country we are known by the companies we keep, and for the watchful eye we keep on their legal needs and actions as we manage them.

*Our free initial consultations apply to every legal area except domestic/family law and criminal defense matters.


Often, engaging the services of a lawyer at the right time saves a lot of aggravation and expense farther down the road. The fact is, if you are even contemplating the need for an attorney, then that is a powerful indicator that you SHOULD consult an attorney.
At McLeod, Fraser & Cone, we only want to provide you with the level of legal services you need.

New to Law Firms?

Maybe it’s all so new. You’ve been caught off guard. This has never happened before. You’re scanning the pages of this website wondering: Can we help you? Will it be pleasant? Will there be surprises?


There’s a one word answer. That until you use it, you won’t know those answers no matter what the law firm. It’s called CONSULTATION. At McLeod, Fraser & Cone, our initial consultations are free.* The only thing we ask you bring with you is the truth.
Coffee and magazines are on us.

Setting Up Your Appointment

Want to set up an appointment?
It’s easy. Simply Contact Us to make the appointment.

*Our free initial consultations apply to every legal area except domestic/family law and criminal defense matters.